THOR Lithium Polymer Batteries

Thor batteries has finally satisfied the demand for high performance, reliable, long life cycle LiPo RC batteries through advanced technology and stringent quality control. These cost-competive batteries truly harness the power of Thor with accurate 25C, 45C, and 60C continuous discharge ratings. Many users have commented that the 25C packs perform as well as 40C rated Li-Po batteries offered by other manufacturers. These numbers are not hyped or over rated like most other brands do.

Besides operating at their stated capacity, the premium battery line has a higher energy density, are lighter weight, have a longer life cycle and continue to outlast the competition.

Pre-soldered EC5 connectors for all 5s+ cells, standard deans T-Type pre-soldered connectors for 2 and 3s celled packs are just a couple of the bar raising, unique features of Thor Batteries. New features and lines are being added to accommodate the numerous helicopters and their ever changing battery tray systems.

Thor batteries are currently working on expanding the line of Lipos to accommodate the numerous helicopters on the market, with the ever changing battery tray systems.

Thor is brought to you by RevCo RC, the brains behind the first ever Flybarless rotor blade, Edge Rotorblades.

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Thor By Voltz Lithium Polymer BatteriesĀ© 2013 Net Worth Holdings, Inc All rights reserved